The Beginning! …Well not really.

This website has been up for a few years now but nothing has been happening… my fault of course mostly due to my own distractions and the cumbersome task of relearning html/JavaScript/CSS every time after forgetting it after 3 months… you don’t use it you lose it. I haven’t done any 3D Illustration in the past year and a half so that hasn’t helped. Sometimes you will do something so much the fun gets taken out of it and you just have to leave it for a while….

So now I’ve started a blog, and to be honest I wasn’t sure what a blog was. I thought it was just another name for an on-line diary made out of html, how girly, truly is this what a man is supposed to have, a website diary, so I kind of ignored the word blog for a long time not realising that a lot of the websites I visited where blogs. pffff how wrong I was and I’m sorry to the god of blogs for ever doubting you, the blog was every thing I originally intended my website to be, easy to manage, viewer feedback, and discussion, linking and feeds from other websites, it allows me to focus on my art work while still managing a site.

What kind of blog will this be? It will be a bit of a mash. I will focus primarily on 3D illustration, but I am a generalist at heart painting and drawing might also feature here.

So here’s to the my blog, may you continue to live on forever or at least until the point I stop paying my hosting provider.


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