Eve no Jikan(Time of Eve)

Time of EveI’ve been following this ONA(Original Net Animation) for a while now… well saying that its only on its third episode, due to a 2 month waiting period between episodes. Yet in those three episodes I discovered something special… a magical animation.

The story is set in a the future where we humans use androids to help us with our daily lives, basically they are considered a household accessory. Yet being household appliances the androids themselves look identical to humans and the only way to differentiate an android from a human is by their Halo/hologram of sorts. The androids being appliances have no rights and to the most part seem to be emotionless.
So enters our main character Rikou a high school student, whose family owns one of these androids named Sammy. Rikou notices an anomaly in Sammy’s logs and the story kicks off from there …I don’t want to spoil it by giving to much away…. So begins a serious animation about ethics, human nature and tolerance.

If we have a look at the graphics in thiSammy and Rikous animation, the backgrounds are mostly 3D generated but here’s the thing… its one of the few animation I have seen that have incorporated both 2D and 3D elements in such a way that they seem to actually compliment each other. For example texturing, it can clearly be seen that there is texturing, but they haven’t gone overboard with it, they also haven’t slapped on any old toon shader to try get that cell shaded look. The characters interact with the the 3D environment, they sit on chairs and lean on desks seamlessly while the lighting affects both 3D and 2D elements in a scene. There has clearly been a lot of time and thought that has gone into the production of this animation to make it look just right, its safe to say that many things could be learnt from studying this anime.

The animation can be viewed with English subs officially at Crunchyroll. Note you may have to register at crunchyroll to view this animation.

Link to the Time of Eve website.A mix of 2D and 3D graphics


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