aniBoom Awards 2008

Well the 2008 aniBoom competition is over and although “The Bird and the Butterfly” didn’t get anywhere (well it came 197 out of 1293), I’m surprisingly happy with the rank it achieved. Especially considering it being a last minute entry…. a rushed job… being very short and the fact that I rarely ever create any animations. Another plus is that its rekindled my interest in 3D illustration again, which I am grateful for.

The aniBoom contest showed off a large number of spectacular animations, I think even if I had submitted The Bird and the Butterfly right at the beginning of the competition there’s still no way it would’ve been in the top 50. Yet in my honest opinion, there are some animations deserving of their place and some that are not. There are actually a few which I viewed and thought that they where strong contenders for a top position but weren’t even near the top 100 never mind top 50. So if you go a visiting aniBoom I suggest looking past the 50 mark you’ll undoubtedly be surprised at what you’ll find.

The aniBoom results


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