Linux1, Linux2, Linux3, backspace Linux1

I grew up with my background in MS Windows as do most, it was only when I was in the a situation, faced with a spare computer without an OS(operating system) that I migrated to Linux. Main reason to move to Linux? Vista costs a shit load on its own! In some ways it defies logic, I worked as a salesman selling electronic goods for a major store, so I do know that Vista on its own can at times cost the same as a new computer with Vista on it! And honesty what are you buying, but only a license to use windows and the cost of a DVD. In my mind it doesn’t justify the price, don’t get me wrong though I like Windows the OS but not really the company that owns it.

Firstly let me state this article is about my own experience with the 3 different distributions of Linux, one may not of worked for me but that does not mean that it wouldn’t work for someone else. Also I would like to thank the Linux developers for the efforts they put-in to produce these operating systems… it cant be easy.

Linux 1

So I moved to Linux due to having a spare computer(Linux OS not costing a penny). I chose Ubuntu Linux mainly because its like the MS Windows of the Linux world, easy to use and popular. And I pretty much enjoyed using it for well over a year. Then the program that loads the OS, Grub or $^*/%$@ Grub as I like to call it, crashed and try as a I may, was unable to retrieve any data from my hard disk.


It was a good opportunity though to use another Linux distro(distribution), the next one I loaded onto my PC was openSUSE. In many ways I like it over Ubuntu because of the KDE desktop(bling, bling 😀 ) and the Yast software down-loader but certain things irritated me, the environment was too controlling. For example I have a NVidia Graphics card, the utility(nvidia-settings) that came with the NVidia Linux driver detected my monitor’s make… while openSUSE didn’t have a clue what it was, well that’s nothing uncommon when it comes to Linux, the problems occurs though when you use the nvidia-settings utility to alter the xorg.conf file(a configuration file) which its designed to do, openSUSE does not like anything touching or altering that file(especially that file). Well I can’t count how many times the GUI didn’t load up. There was something else I had a problem with and that was my Wacom Graphire 2 tablet(it old and small but I still use it), again openSUSE wanted me to use their utility to set up the xorg.conf file for the wacom tablet, Ha-ha… lets just say it didn’t really work. Eventually though I would manage to get everything up and running, but usually after a couple of days there’s would be update or modification, openSUSE rewrites the xorg.conf and turns my wacom back into a paper weight again. Well it wasn’t to bad and I was very happy running openSUSE 11.0. Just before Christmas though 11.1 came out “Great” I thought, and everything was great except for one annoying thing I couldn’t shut-down or logout. After a few days of investigation believe it or not I found the cause of the problem, a Wacom driver!… I said my goodbye’s to openSUSE and jumped to my next distro.


Fedora, Fedora what? Two days ago I loaded Fedora Linux KDE version onto my system basically its the free version of Red Hat Linux. The reason I chose fedora was mainly because Red Hat had been on the go for so many years and I thought it would be very user friendly(LOL..was I in for a surprise). Its “Free” in all true sense of the word. The funny thing though, what they consider free and what the rest of us consider free are two different topics. An example of this could be the official Adobe Flash plug-in, there’s a version for Linux users to download. Fedora would consider that plug-in as NON-free because it has a license, anything that has a license has no right being on Fedora. I soon found out out what this meant, problems which had never been a problem’s before with other distro’s started to pop-up from audio to my DVD drives not working, if you cant find the answer in the Fedora’s repository(place where Linux users download software) your screwed(to put it nicely). I think Fedora is intended for the seasoned Pro Linux user, it leaves little room for beginners. And the idealism which is meant to be Linux, community based has more of in my opinion a dictatorship feel to it. I don’t want to be told what I can and cannot load on to my computer, it should be up to me to decide not the bloody operating system. Well you can imagine what happened, I jumped ship… you never know I might come back to Fedora one day after becoming a hardcore Linux user who knows every command there is the Terminal.

Backspace Linux1

Well I have just loaded Ubuntu Gnome back onto my system, in the end it gave me the least amount of trouble(but I have to remember to backup those files). At the same time I cant say that that having openSUSE or Fedora was a waste of time, from all that hassle, I came back a little Knowledge. In all honesty for someone into their Digital illustration, getting your graphic cards and wacom working correctly is vital. Also having a stable system is highly important if there’s something bugging me I cant work properly, it interrupts the flow, and I’ll spend more time trying to figure out what the problem is than actually working.


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