A place not only to show my artwork, but to discuss and give my views on 3D illustration and graphics in general, also I hope to post some tutorials and tips. Mostly all my work is done with open-source software, so if you want to give it a try you’ll be able to download it via the software links.

About me?

Name: Lindsay Kerr

To begin with I was born in South Africa after my parents moved over there from Scotland, and grew up with an oddity as not having a South African accent but not have a Scottish one either, it was a mix of the two. You could even say a mix of cultures. Currently though, I am now living in the United Kingdom, Scotland to be more precise and although I now have a full Scottish accent I am glad to say that I have experience both sides of the pond and those experiences and people I’ve met will forever influence me not only in my daily life but also in my artwork.

The itch!
I have always had the itch, the itch to create and I have been drawing since… well for a very long time. Continuously drawing throughout my school years and into high school and it was in those high school years that I came into contact with my first 3D application.
TurboCAD a simply version of AutoCAD, it was used for my fathers work (aluminium extrusions) and it was up to me to create presentable drafts to show clients. I caught on to the whole 3D thing very quickly and was channelling that itch into something different.
There was a draw back to TurboCAD that became obvious after a while, texturing or the lack thereof. So I went in search of cheap 3D software that would allow me to texture and I never felt comfortable with software piracy so 3D studio Max was out of the question. I eventually came across a company on the web called NaN(I must have been about 16/17 at the time) and they where allowing you to download their program for free and it could fit on a 3.5 inch floppy disk. It was the coolest thing since slice bread mainly because it allowed you to texture.

Blender, me and our on off relationship.
Blender was an utter B<!#% to learn in the beginning and is still considered that way today, luckily with the arrival of the Wiki manual it has made learning a lot easier but first time users actually find it frightening  when the program lunch’s  and they see a sea of buttons smiling at them as if to say please press me, they then you press and nothing happens. I was like that in the beginning I clearly remember the first time I started up blender, saw all the buttons became nervous and closed the application. A week later tried it again but with the interface tutorial printed out next to me. Eventually I got there, getting through most tutorials and understanding the brilliance of the program. But never committing myself to using it daily, only on and off for months at time. In fact it was only when I went to college in Scotland four years ago to get my HND that I started using it seriously. So for 2 and half years I used blender with passion, loyalty and determination and then… I stopped doing 3D. Thinking back maybe I was to serious and focusing to much on 3D which took the fun out of doing it. But now I’m back, blender has advanced further and new skills had to learned  and I’ve enjoyed using it again.

My education
I’ll skip High school part because nothing I learned there seemed to have stuck, I was bad at math, science and just about everything else. After leaving South Africa I emigrated to the UK, after a few years here I decided to go to collage and stick to being creative. So I enrolled in a 2 year course doing Graphic Design and Illustration. If your looking at the website now and thinking not much of a graphic designer that’s because most of the courses I chose where illustration base and had nothing to with design although I know a little…. I later found out that wasn’t the best choice, there’s lots of work for Graphic designer’s out there but illustrators have it a lot harder.

Currently 3D graphics for me is only a hobby, but that doesn’t mean I wont do it if someone offered me work. I am trying to get back to my roots though through painting and drawing.


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