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I love books especially non fictional books, books that I can learn from and books that will inspire me. As long as it involves graphics I have a tendency to want to buy it. So here I’ve listed and reviewed some of the books I have, with a link to Amazon to shows the cover and ISBN. If you end up buying one of the books I have reviewed here and you are unhappy… tough your not getting anything from me.

Books for the artist

Dynamic wrinkles and Drapery by Burne Hogarth
A very good book which shows where/how wrinkles and creases form on clothing.

Dynamic Anatomy by Burne Hogarth
Showing the muscle structure in dynamic poses, all in all an excellent book but I think there should have been one or two non dynamic poses so we can have an over all view of the body.

The Nude Female Figure by Mark Edward Smith
As the title suggests there is nudity, so be warned if you are sensitive about those things. If you want pictures of beautiful women(for reference, yes reference) then I suggest you Google them, there are plenty out there but if you want pictures of the female form in all shapes and sizes and in normal or sometimes unusual poses then this is a great book to have.

Digital Reference Books

The Complete Guide to Digital Illustration by Steven Caplin and Adam Banks.
This book does not go to in depth but gives a basic outline of techniques in all areas of digital illustration(raster/vector/3D), don’t be expected to be blown away by the artwork, various artist have contributed to this book, some great and some not so. Saying that though it is still a very good book and does give insight.

Digital Sci-fi Art by Michael Burns.
Different subject but same publisher and idea as the book above. Focuses more on 3D it should give you ideas, for projects. It was printed in 2004 but the subject matter is still relevant today.

Digital Lighting a Rendering by Jeremy Birn
If you don’t have it, buy it! that’s how good it is. It also delves into materials, and the best thing about this book is that its not application specific.

The Artist Guide to Gimp Effects by Michael J. Hammel
This book is packed with tutorials and is a good buy for beginner and professional alike. If you have been using gimp for years like I have then your still bound to find out something new. There’s a link to Gimp under the Graphic Software menu, to your left.

Inspired 3D Short Film Production by Jeremy Cantor and Pepe Valencia
I do not own this book personally but I might have been one of the first people in the UK to have read it. When I was at College my lecturer received the book to review and give her opinion on. At the time I was doing my own 3D animation, so she allowed me to borrow it(my lecturer had done stop motion but not 3D animation). For the animator its a brilliant book, which runs through the whole production of a short film. It also describes how to budget for a film which I found interesting. Highly recommended.


The Great American Pin-Up by Charles G. Martignette and Louis K. Meisel
I blame WWII movies for this one, there was always a bomber or a fighter plain in the background with a pin-up style gal painted on the side, after seeing this book in the shop it reminded me of them. The book is interesting, with plenty of artist and styles and some of the pictures will make you laugh.

Robot Volume 5 by Various Artists and Authors
Originally when I bought this book I thought It was a collection of Illustrations by various artist, I was wrong it was collection of various ongoing graphic novels (manga) each differing a great deal in story and style.  That was great but there was no way I was going to buy the previous four volumes at the price. Also when I first laid hands on the book it had a Parental Advisory sticker on the front, for good reason. The range of the stories themselves vary, one story can be heart warming then the next can be full of violence and nudity. So if you consider buying this book be warned but from an illustrators point of view its worth it for inspiration.

Animation Now! by Anima Mundi and Ed. Juilius
A great book which showcase different animations. If your creating your own animation and need inspiration its a good buy, not only do you get to see the different styles but the different mediums as well. Paperback comes with a DVD.

1000 Game Heroes by Ed David Choquet
By computer graphics/game standards this is an old book, it was released in 2002. The book is filled with famous games characters and some concept art. Its a good resource for character design.

The Art of Metal Gear Solid by Yoji Shinkawa
Truly one of my treasures, the ISBN4-7973-0950-4 but no link for Amazon, says its a copy of the first edition published on October 15 1999. Anyway a beautiful book not only from a Graphics design point of view but also from an illustration. Some of the pages are printed in a silver finish and the concept/promotional art is out of this world. If you cant get it on Amazon someone bound to have it on Ebay or you can by the new releases.

Intron Depot 1 by Shirow Masamune
Shirow Masamune is a brilliant illustrator and has produced a number of manga, his most famous being Ghost in the Shell. This book shows artwork throughout those series and is well worth the look. The original was printed in 1992, so the artwork it not as clean cut as is today’s standards which is understandable… but that’s not such a bad thing.

Fashion Illustration Next by Laird Borrelli
I’m not into fashion… but I came across this book and found it very interesting if your an Illustrator or student even more so. The variety and richness of the illustrations truly demonstrates the individuality of the illustrators. Book contains nudity.


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