Favorite artists

On this page I have listed some exceptional artist, which in my view contain that wow factor. These artist provide me with inspiration and hopefully will inspire you to take up or create digital art. Warning you might encounter some nudity when visiting these sites.

Pascal Blanche

The french definitely have style and none so like Pascal Blanche. The 3D Sci-fi artwork he produces is utterly breath taking with loads of visual impact as you would expect from a Ubisoft Art Director. Personally what really defines Pascal Blanche artwork is his use of colour, not only complimentary but contrasting.

Feng Zhu

After seeing his artwork for the first time it inspired me in wanting to become a concept artist. Many years have past  since then, and although I no longer look to becoming a concept artist, I still cant but help but be inspired by his works. He was originally famous for his concept art with copiic markers(mainly grey colours) and mostly specialising in character and vehicle design. Now though his artwork is mostly photo-shop based with a wide subject matter including level design. He is perhaps the most famous concept artist on the net.

Craig Mullins

I almost fell off my seat when I first saw Craig Mullins artwork, he paints like an impressionist with damps here and there it is only when you take a step back that you can admire the utter genius of his digital paintings. It is something I have always admired, artist who paint with a loose style.

Steven Stahlberg

An excellent all rounder in the fact that Steven Stahlberg produces not only excellent 2D but also 3D artwork. I also like the fact that he wont always stick with the same style for example some images might have smooth finish while others might be looser. The fact that he frequently helps artist on CGTalk adds to his character.

Daniel Dos Santos

An amazing painter/illustrator who using traditional media such as oil based paints. Very inspirational work, and give this time-lapse on youtube a watch “Dan Dos Santos Warbreaker Cover Illustration – Oil Painting Demonstration”

Barbara Canepa

Warning! site contains nudity.
Most notably famous for the erotic sky doll comics, which I must admit I have never laid my hands on. Yet its at times like these that I thank the Internet exists, because although I dont have the books I still get to experience the artwork. We are talking about style here and we can put the erotic aside for now, I dont know what it is about french artists exactly but they’re like the japanese their great at infusing graphical elements into their artwork. Yes I suppose that her illustrations do have a bit of a japanese manga/anime style feel to them yet some thing distinctive is added enough for me to tell thats an illustration by Barbara Canepa.

Stanley Lau

The quality of this guys work is amazing. hmmm yeah what more can I say… he is one of those artist where you may think your own artwork is good, then you compare it to his and you know you have a long way still to go, in other words he can make your own art work look like a dogs breakfast(not such a bad thing though).


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