On Ambient Occlusion (AO) 2006
Being the first tutorial I had ever written, in some respects it is still relevant today but now blender has approximate ambient occlusion with a whole new set of buttons.

Tyre Treads 2008
A modeling tutorial on creating car tyre treads.

Blender Sculpt The Fist Installment 2008
Talks about the difference between ZBrush, Mudbox and Blender Sculpt. Trying to develop an understanding on how blender sculpt should be implemented.

Blender Sculpt The Second Installment 2009
Runs through sculpt mode and tools.

Blender Sculpt The Third Installment 2009
Touches on the creation of the base model, achieving the maximum multi-res level for your system and a rundown of the multi-res panel.

Blender Sculpt The Final Installment 2009
The final installment focuses on render baking.


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