Roughing Out the Castle

Roughing Out the Castle

Before I start modeling the castle I really need to have a general rough idea of what the castle will look like. As I have a few questions that need to be answered… its all good and well looking at a ground plan and saying there’s a wall but I will only know how that wall fits in too the grand scheme of things when it becomes a 3D representation.
Indeed looking at the plans there where a few uncertainties that had left me scratching my head and it was only after creating this 3D rough was I able to answer many of my questions.

Castle ruins

At the present moment the general view is that that front of the castle is thought to of looked similar to the following.

Sanquhar Castle rough Version 01
If I think of it logically though, through my research and looking at many images of many castles, there are a problems regarding defence. Firstly the castle gates defences are weak as it has no portcullis and there isn’t or drawbridge. There is a bridge that spans the the defensive ditch/moat, it has little protection and what protection it does have would come from the castle walls. As the smaller walls surrounding the outer yard are to thin and not tall enough as to pose any serious hindrance to a siege. The outer yard being another issue, would of had a number of buildings, easy pray for any attacker. This does not look like a stronghold to me.

Luckily I manged to get my hands(bought a copy) of the ground plans from the 1895 excavation of the castle, loading that into blender as a background image and using some of the primitives objects(cubes and cylinders) I created rough representation of the castle. On the plans there are signs of curtain wall and tower in outer yard. When you add that in to the equation having the curtain wall and a tower there seems only natural. The bridge is protected from the curtain wall, any attacker would first have to cross the bridge, pass between the small outer wall and the curtain which would restrict their movements, they then would have to knock down first gate to get into the outer yard where they would be surrounded on four sides.

Sanquhar Castle rough version 2.0

This representation of the castle would be around the 1450’s onwards as the D tower dates from that period, the position of the D tower interesting though as it covers the well.  I have a good hunch that the oldest part of the castle dates around the 1250’s, towers and curtain walls being the oldest part of the castle. It seemed that the castle was supposed to of had(or had) four walls and four towers following the shape parallelogram, without a proper excavation of the sight theres no real way of knowing what the original castle looked like. It seems that builders kept the west towers but abandoned the east, evidence can be shown of this by viewing where the east and south walls meet, the east seems to carry on for a view meters as if it where intending to join up to something.

Now that I have a rough idea of what I think the castle looked like I can start modeling.


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